Acute Stress

My trial partner died suddenly. I closed out our trial practice by trying eleven first degree murder cases in eight months, (twice the normal pace).

Due to the symptoms of stress caused by this schedule I diagnosed myself with acute and post traumatic stress disorders. I was extremely sensitive and had mood swings, anger and depression. I could no longer practice law with equanimity.

The N.A.D.A. treatment sessions were pleasant, meditative experiences. They created a progressive calming of my distorted emotional state. I felt the depression and anger relax and dissipate. The treatment is very worthwhile.

Richard N Watts

Chronic Pain

Dear Cate,

I can't thank you enough for your help in turning my health around. I was doubtful at first that acupuncture would help me, but after the first session, I was without pain for the first time in months. Now after just three sessions with you, I have my effervescence back.

I feel I have been reunited with life; I am actually laughing and smiling again. But even more, I feel like I am spiritually connected again; something that chronic pain had robbed my soul of.

There are those who claim to be acupuncturists and then there are people like you who really are. I am so thankful I found my way to you and so extremely grateful to you for all your help. You are truly a miracle worker.

So sincerely yours,

Carla Wormington


Dear Cate,

This is the letter I have been intending to write for a year. It was about a year ago that I mentioned to you that, at the suggestion of my primary care physician, I had scheduled an appointment with a surgeon to examine me before doing an inguinal hernia repair operation. My appointment was set six weeks out. You suggested that you might be able to help me through acupuncture. I thought I had nothing to lose and certainly would like to lessen my discomfort while waiting for surgery. Your weekly treatment did, in fact, lessen my pain and at the time of the appointment with the surgeon, .... the doctor stated that I did not need surgery .... my problem was minimal. I can only ascribe this fantastic improvement to your treatment.

Since that time, I have had you treat me regarding a number of issues and have ALWAYS seen improvement! You treated me pre and post operatively when I underwent surgery on my eyes. The doctor said that he had rarely seen anyone recover as quickly, with as little bruising as I experienced. He stated that it was even more incredible considering my age....nearly 60. I will continue to seek your help and have every faith as to the efficacy of acupuncture...especially when treatment...especially yours.

Thank you Earl Waters