Little gifts ….

Earlier this week I was waiting at the very busy deli counter to order my pound of turkey. The obviously frenzied woman looked up at me, saying ‘I’ll be right with you.” “Take your time,” I said, and her face softened. Meeting my eyes she said, “Thank you… that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.” It was such a simple thing to say, yet it was received so graciously! How many times in the course of our days, when we are rushing here and there, do we stop and give ourselves permission to take our time It makes me wonder if perhaps that’s part of the healing journey.

The forty-five minutes to an hour when a patient is on my table, it is truly their time. I, Cate Bransfield, a representative of a Healing Community, be it the years of experience in the world of nursing, or she who reveres and practices the art of an Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, is present employing everything within me to bring that person back into the fullness of life. Allowing them, no, encouraging them to take their time, to be still, and allow the innate wisdom within to correct imbalances and renew.

When my patients leave the clinic they always say thank you, and I in turn thank them. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited into their lives, to share that stillness, and be able to help facilitate a path to wholeness.