Happy Period Clinic Anyone?

periodYesterday afternoon found me a little tired, and ready to call it a day when my last patient arrived. We chatted briefly about her upcoming vacation, and her excitement about that. She then volunteered that her last period was the BEST period of her life!

Interestingly, dysmennorhea was not the main reason this young lady started to receive Acupuncture. Rather, her painful periods came to light during her assessment. Perhaps she, like so many other women, just assumed, ‘that’s the way it is’. Many years ago I was working as an RN for a Senior Home Care Agency. I had women, in their 80’s(!) who could recount for me, in startling detail, the hell they’d endured for forty odd years! This is wrong, on so many levels! I have a vision of someday having a ‘Happy Period Clinic’ perhaps posting it here will help make it a reality 🙂 My plan is to keep the Clinic open one night a week, and see women four weeks in a row, I truly believe their cycles could become much more healthy, easy, and comfortable. Wouldn’t that be sweet?