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Exciting News!

It is with much joy, and enthusiasm I announce that I am finally fully on board with Bay Pines VA Community Care!  As anyone who has ever dealt with insurance, (Optum in this case) and any bureaucracy knows, it was a long and arduous undertaking.   Still one very worth my efforts.  This means I will now be able to offer care, without charge to veterans who have gotten a referral from their primary care physician at the VA.  I have had this privilege in the past, at other locations, this is for my new office in Gulfport.

To help you better understand my unbridled joy let me share some of my experiences in the recent past.  Worked with a female vet who came initially for shoulder pain.  During the course of care she disclosed debilitating PTSD, we addressed this along with care for her shoulder pain.  She told me at our next appointment her sleep was greatly improved, saying “I didn’t wake up standing by my bed” a few weeks later she informed me she was able to discontinue taking Xanax for anxiety!  (with her Primary Care Physicians approval).  Another beautiful young vet came to me for low back pain, he was also an ‘above the knee amputee’ and dealt with terrible phantom limb pain, which he thought would never go away.  And, PTSD, which caused terrible sleep issues.  We alleviated the low back pain, and for the first time ever he said the phantom limb pain was greatly reduced!  and, his sleep was much better!

These brave men and women have done so much for us, I cannot tell you how honored and privileged I feel when I am able to help them in any way I can, and I love the fact that Optum covers their care 100% usually for twelve visits, and more if needed!  Please call me or text me if you have any questions about this great program.

A New Adventure!


New beginnings are always exciting.  We have all had the experience of a new love, or the birth of a new baby, or the day we brought home a new puppy!  These occasions are always the cause of much joy and excitement!  I am embarking on a new beginning, and do in fact have all the joy and excitement that should accompany it.  Yet, at the same time there is the ever-present heaviness of navigating our way through these very troubling times.  We are a nation gripped by pandemic, and much uncertainty. 

First, the cause for Celebration!  I am starting a Practice in Gulfport!  Gulfport Florida, quite possibly the friendliest city in Florida!  Have been given the very real honor of joining a Chiropractor’s Practice, Dr. Stuart Pollack, a fellow ‘everyone knows, and loves’.  His former acupuncturist has moved out of state, at the very same time I realized I no longer wish to drive an hour each way to my former Practice in Clearwater.  While my heart is heavy leaving the Amazing team I worked with there, I also know that it is time to be closer to home, (12.5 minutes to be exact :-).

Trust that my Treatment area is 100% compliant with the CDC guidelines.  All patient areas are cleaned with soap and water then disinfected.  Masks are required.  The needles used for acupuncture are ALWAYS single use needles, so there is never a risk of contamination by them.  

And please, bear in mind that perhaps the greatest gift of Acupuncture is it’s capacity to help build a strong immune system!  And it’s ability to help calm anxiety!  I can think of no other time in the sixteen years I’ve been practicing that this is more needed.