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Prenatal & Post-Partum Depression

Post Partum DepressionTuesday evening I was in a favorite place, the kitchen, slicing and dicing veggies for what I hoped would be a delicious dinner, as is my custom, happily listening to NPR. There was a story about recognizing the need to care for women who were pregnant, or recently post-partum dealing with depression. Given the fact that in a past life, (pre-Masters in Oriental Medicine and current beloved career path), I had been certified as a psychiatric and mental health RN, I listened up and hand cut the onions rather than allow the Cuisinart to compete for these words.

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A Better Way!

Have you ever been told you were nominated for a high position? I mean really high….?

A patient told me once I should be canonized! Which for those of you unfamiliar with the Catholic faith means to be made a saint! I’m sure there are at least a few of the good nuns I had in my 12 years of Catholic school who might beg to differ. Still, there was a part of me that was tickled at the notion.

The act that brought about such praise was an Acupuncture Treatment Protocol I’d just learned, referred to as a ‘Pre-birth Treatment’. The simplicity of it is absolutely elegant! My patient reported that after treatment her labor and delivery was entirely different than her first, and she was thrilled!

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