About Cate

After many rewarding years as an RN, Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health nursing I felt called to study a more holistic form of medicine.  In 2000 I embarked in an extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM), earning a Master’s Degree, then Board certified to practice as an Acupuncture Physician.  As such, I am recognized as a Primary Care Physician here in Florida.

As your Acupuncture Physician we will establish a healing relationship.  Beginning with a thorough conversation, palpation, diagnosis of your pulses, (there are twelve of them!), and tongue, (it’s amazing what that small muscle can reveal!).  We will review your history, and endeavor to learn possible sources of any disharmony.  Based on your diagnosis this evaluation provides we will create a Treatment Plan.  While Acupuncture needles are the primary tools of my Practice we may employ a variety of modalities, such as cupping, Tui Na, (Chinese massage), herbal therapies, and or nutritional counseling.  Our goal being you not only feel better after our visit, rather, we have started on a journey to ensure continued health and wellness.  With more natural energy to engage more fully in all life has to offer!